Hey guys! Check out Express Fresh performing "The Momma Song" live for CruzTV. This song will be featured on Express' upcoming album "God Is Gracious" later this year. If you haven't checked out Express'  previous release "Tony Boy" you can preview and grab that HERE.
Shout out to Beats, Breaks and Big Smiles for the love! Pick up EveryThingZ BacKWardS on iTunes today!
ThinkSoul25 samples the bacon and likes it! Check out the write up here.
Express Fresh takes time out to sit with CruzTV for a quick chat. "He makes you want to press stop, then rewind and play it again..." ;) Enjoy friends!
We keep it movin around here. We couldn't wait any longer so we decided to reveal the Cover Art for Gajah's April full-length release "Poverty's Prodigy." We'll have the official release date and track listing available for you soon! Stay tuned friends!
You got this yet? What?! Get it HERE
Breakfast is served!
2 days left ya'll!!
_"Moment Of Truth" feat. Lucky I Am. The lead single and video for BeOND's new album " EverYThingZ BacKWardS" Scheduled for release 3/15/2012 on Project Blowed Records & Acid Lab Records.

Album Info HERE.

A Wood Works Media Production
Directed by Greg Lazcano
Produced by FLOCK
Man is seen fleeing grocery store with rogue shopping cart...all in the name of Breakfast! Come witness a real live Breakfast Shoplift tonight March 8th! You don't want to miss this! [click READ  MORE for full story]